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“No research without action, no action without research

Kurt Lewin, a social psychologist known for his theory that human behavior is a function of our psychological environment

The ISRA team believes that good research evolves constantly by taking inspiration from the newest knowledge in business theory and related disciplines. We draw our vision from diverse sources, such as behavioral economics, agile and design thinking, human brand theory and many others.

We make it our mission to approach each project from a warm and friendly perspective, factoring in specific needs and bringing data to life.

Our way of working

Openness to New Challenges

Our people are firm believers in open communication, staying close to our clients, to achieve a smooth and effective partnership. Through constant communication and updates, we offer a sense of control over the project’s development. Moreover, since we understand the dynamics of the market, we try to accommodate last-minute requests and changes.

A Passion for Knowledge

We steer away from a standardized “recipe”, and acknowledge the particularities of each project. We offer integrated qualitative and quantitative solutions for a 360-degree approach, providing results doubled by insightful and actionable recommendations.

Commitment to High Quality

We employ the best methodological practice standards, and all activities are designed, carried out, reported and documented accurately, transparently and objectively.

Our credentials for the past 5 years:


Some of our clients through the years: