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Through the years we have learnt that it’s not only the marketing problems and solutions that matter. Market research should also step in for social causes.

We believe that we have a responsibility in using our knowledge to improve quality of life and to educate responses to important policy-making areas.

We have worked with several targets, including sensitive ones. The main building block of our work is empathy and sensitivity towards recipients, and its ultimate goal is to create solutions that spring directly from complex life situations, thus making it a tactful and sympathetic model, suitable for vulnerable categories.

We combine quantitative and qualitative research results with national statistics as a crucial tool in developing recommendations for our clients in the following areas:

  • Romanian people’s attitudes and involvement in sustainability and climate change/environment/pollution
  • Education
  • Children’s rights
  • Medical services/mental and physical wellbeing
  • Senior citizens’ role and status in society
  • Romanians’ concerns regarding various social and economic issues (the pension system, the health system, unemployment etc.)
  • Perspectives for the professional integration of disadvantaged groups