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Loyalty towards brands during crisis situations l 2023

What happens to the loyalty towards the brand during crisis situation? Where is loyalty lost, where is it kept and, above all, why, what are the ingredients of loyalty? These are the major questions we aimed to answer using data from our recent Quantitative & Qualitative studies. What did we find out?

  • The categories that enjoy the highest stability are the ones which “tick” at least one of the following: extensive list of ingredients, more complex manufacturing process and/or which are consumed “per se“.
  • The price increase and the discovery of a better alternative in terms of quality-price ratio are the main triggers that fuel the “break-up” with the brand. However, this occurs most often against the background of a fragile relationship with the brand and a low trust in it: emotional drivers fuel loyalty, while rational ones lead to the erosion of brand attachment.
  • Private labels are a good example of a beneficial alternative to the manufacturers’ brands, delivering both an affordable price and a satisfactory quality, with the potential to become more than a crisis solution.
  • The “ingredientsof loyalty towards manufacturers’ brands remain: the trust in the brand, built on the basis of a constant quality-price ratio, the emotional attachment to it and a long-time positive experience with the brand.

For more details we invite you to download our report here: Loialitatea fata de brand in vremuri de criza_Martie 2023

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